Online florists for every occasion

Throughout the year there are several occasions worth celebrating. Some we can expect as they are annual events. Others might be unexpected and require a same day or next day flower delivery. If you are not sure when you should send flowers, here are some of the most popular occasions that online florists cater for.

Birthday celebrations

Online florists will have a dedicated section for birthday blooms. These bouquets are carefully selected to express affection and joy. You may even notice that they have a special bouquet for each month of the year. These are designed according to aspects like the common colour of that zodiac’s gemstone or they may include the birth flower associated with that month. Either way, you can be sure that they will be a thoughtful and welcomed gift.

Romantic occasions

Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are two popular romantic occasions that always call for a fresh bouquet. Online florists will have a regular spot reserved for anniversary bouquets but their Valentine’s Day blooms will only be listed just before, during and just after this day has passed. These arrangements usually include romantic flowers like red roses, red carnations, red tulips or they might even include pink flowers for those who are in new relationships and feel that the colour red might be too intense for the new love in their life.

Expression of sympathy

Online florists will also have a section for sympathy flowers. While this is not the kind of occasion that we ever look forward too, it is a part of life and it is important to express your condolences. Flowers are a great comfort to a grieving family member. You can also have the bouquet delivered directly to the recipient so that they do not feel obligated to host you for a cup of coffee or tea. Their home might not be particularly tidy and they will most likely not be feeling like themselves as they have to arrange the funeral and financial affairs. Make sure that you include a special message in the card that your florist will provide.

Celebrate a new baby

This is another potentially unexpected occasion since babies don’t always arrive on their predicted due date. Fortunately, online florists make it possible to send same day or next day flowers. All you need to do is take a look through the new baby bouquets, make your selection and arrange the delivery. If you would like the flowers sent to the hospital, you should make sure that the particular ward allows for flowers to be delivered. Alternatively, you can wait until mum and baby are home so that you can have the bouquet delivered there instead.

Not only do online florists stock a wide variety of fresh bouquets, but they also offer potted plants and silk flower arrangements. So, if you want to send a gift that will last longer than a couple of weeks, you can certainly do so by choosing one of these options. Again, you will find them listed in their very own dedicated section on the florist’s website.