Autumn décor to spruce up your table

Flower centrepieces are an obvious choice when it comes to decorating your table. Table decorations can take a lot if you open your mind to all the amazing possibilities in place. Flowers and other plants can be used to brighten up the fall table with little effort. Here are some excellent autumn décor ideas.

Napkin rings

The first way to add colour to any base is to use a napkin ring. If you don’t want to buy them, you can make them yourself and you don’t need any tools or anything special. You can use old cardboard tubes for kitchen towels. Simply cut them to size, cover them with decorative or flat paper before decorating them with fall leaves and other folded flowers. Not only will they become part of your autumn décor, but they will also prove practical.

Lovely leaves

If you want something that takes less time and less effort, collect some fall leaves from your garden. Do yourself a favour and pick them off the tree instead of picking them off the ground. That way at least you know they are clean! You can write each guest’s name on a leaf and add it to their location settings. Alternatively, you can spread these leaves along the length of the table for a beautiful table setting. While you’re at it, why not place some pumpkins and gourds around the centre? Tomatoes can also be a great garnish. You can wrap tomato stems around each wine glass or transfer them to the table. Just make sure that the fruit you choose is not poisonous in any way. You don’t want poisonous plants in your food! Some of the best autumn décor that you can choose comes from your very own garden so take the time to look around.

Soft lighting

Candles are also great for creating a relaxing atmosphere and the added bonus is that you won’t need to use your torch or harsh lights. Candles help your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. This is especially good when you invite guests who don’t know each other. If you are concerned about the risk of fire, you can put your candles in large clear glass vases. Alternatively, you can use battery-powered candles with LED lights. They help to create the same effect without risking your autumn décor going up in flames.

Finally, when decorating the table, you should not overdo the autumn décor. Moderation is key as you don’t want everything to look cramped. Have fun decorating your table and make sure none of your decorations are too high for your guests to easily see.