Peach flowers for the perfect wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s one of the few events that you can actually plan as far in advance as you like. Put the date and decide what kind of food, music and flowers you want. You can even decide who is invited and who is not! You truly have all the power. However, the one thing you cannot control is nature and what it offers us during the different seasons. Let’s see the summer flowers. Any florist will tell you that there are a huge number of flowers available during the warm months. However, it’s not always easy when you stick to a colour scheme like peach. Pink, red, and even purple or blue blooms seem to be everywhere, but what about the shades in between? The one that isn’t quite orange and not quite pink. Here are some popular peach flowers to consider.


There are a number of peach flowers available in the summer. Alstroemerias, or Peruvian lilies, bloom during spring but also in early summer. They come in several colours, including peach, and their petals are filled with little accents to give these flowers a unique look.


For an elegant choice, orchids are always a winner. Different orchids bloom during different seasons and the dendrobium orchid is known to bloom throughout the year. They come in a delicate light pinkish-orange colour and although the colour is not as pronounced in these orchids, they have been known to command attention regardless of their hue or shade. For those concerned about cost, remember that orchids are best displayed as single stem arrangements or simply accompanied by a couple of small blooms and/or perhaps some foliage. So, what you would normally spend on a large bouquet, you can opt for a simple orchid arrangement.

Old favourites

As with nearly all colour schemes, you may have to rely on so-called old-and-true choices. There are certain flowers that your florist will keep on hand due to the constant demand for them. Such flowers include roses and carnations. Both of these peach flowers work well alone or in groups and/or with other flowers. Roses and carnations are quite hardy. Some varieties more than others, but if you make sure they arrive in semi-bud form, they’ll last even longer.

Abundant in texture

For fuller looking flowers, mums and dahlias are right up your street. Full and abundant petals overlap to create these two beauties. Both come in peach and both should be available at your local florist. Chrysanthemums, like roses and carnations, are also often kept in storage as much as possible. These are popular and affordable peach flowers perfect for any wedding.

Whether you want to give your wedding an elegant or traditional theme, there are peach flowers that will help you do just that. Don’t be shy to discuss your vision with your florist. They will be more than happy to offer up plenty of ideas you may not have though of yourself.