Why not to buy flowers from your grocery store

When you visit your local grocery store, you might notice that they have a special display dedicated to fresh flowers and, sometimes, potted plants as well. The colours look amazing and it’s always tempting to pick up a bunch when you’re looking for a gift in a hurry. However, it’s important to understand that the cheaper prices of these blooms might not mean real value for money.


Grocery store flowers are displayed in a clustered group of stems where at least most shoppers will see them upon entry or before leaving. This means that these flowers can often be subjected to various weather conditions including excessive heat in the summer, extreme cold in the winter, harsh breezes, and more. Florist flowers are displayed in the store but most of their stocked blooms are stored in a refrigerated unit designed to maintain the perfect climate. These conditions ensure better quality and longer lasting flowers.


Your local flower shop will usually be frequented only by people looking for a fresh bouquet and they are unlikely to damage the displayed flowers while shopping. In the grocery store, it can be tough to control the actions of all the shoppers. You never know when a child (or even an adult) may break a stem or pluck some petals. In other words, the flowers at your local grocery store are more likely to get damaged.


If you order flowers from your florist, the bouquet will consist of nothing but the freshest flowers and foliage. They flowers at your grocery store are all pre-arranged. If you choose a bouquet with one or more wilting blooms, there’s nothing much you can do about it. You will have to remove those flowers and discard them. A florist, on the other hand, will ensure that the bunch looks as perfect as it should.


Your grocery store will not offer flower delivery. If you order flowers online or from your local florist, you can order the bouquet in advance and have them deliver them to you or to the intended recipient on a specific day. Buying from your grocery store will mean that you will have to transport the bouquet yourself and this can result in damage.