Practical solutions for wilting flowers

There are few things more disappointing than receiving a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers only to notice that they have started to wilt. Another common mistake that so many people make is they place their blooms on display and they don’t pay close enough attention until they see a bouquet of wilting flowers. The good news is that not all hope is lost. Here are some tips for prevention as well as what you can do to revive wilting blooms.

Preventative steps

  • Don’t expose your bouquet to heat or you will soon have an unattractive display of wilting flowers.
  • If you refrigerate your flowers, you should place the flowers in a vase with water before setting them in a safe spot away from any fans. If they get too cold, they will wilt once they come into contact with the warmer air outside.
  • Avoid keeping the bouquet in its packaging for too long. Even if you are giving flowers as a gift, you should rather remove the wrapping and place them in a vase while you wait to present the bouquet to the recipient.
  • Trim the stems as soon as you receive a flower delivery. This will allow the flowers to absorb significantly more water and nutrients. It will also help them last longer and prevent premature wilting.
  • Avoid placing your fresh cut flowers in the sun. Direct sunlight will warm the bouquet and dry the petals.
  • Change the water every couple of days and trim the stems again if you notice that they are slimy.

Reviving wilting flowers

  • Trim the stem of the wilting blooms.
  • Mix three teaspoons of sugar with lukewarm water in your vase.
  • Place your wilting flowers in the sugar water and allow them to soak for a few hours.
  • If you don’t notice them perking up after 3 hours, add another teaspoon of sugar. Dissolve the sugar in some water before adding it to the vase.
  • Make sure that you keep your flowers in a cool spot but not too cold and give them time to liven up again.

The fact of the matter is that you won’t have to worry about reviving wilting flowers if you take proper care of them from the moment they arrive. It is also very important that you order flowers from a reputable florist. When your bouquet is delivered, it should look perfect and you should never settle for anything less! If your flowers are wilted, make sure that you take a photo right away an send it to the florist. You may even refuse to accept the delivery but make sure that you take a photo as proof before you send the delivery person away.