New mums celebrating Mother’s Day in style

For all the new mothers out there, their first Mother’s Day will certainly be one to remember. Nobody can say that being a mother is easy, especially in the first year. This is all the more reason to pamper new mums as much as possible and let them take a break from all their responsibilities. Here are some gift ideas and ways in which you can make her feel special.

Food hampers

Food baskets are excellent for new mums because they will give her something to nibble on without having to cook a full meal every time she gets hungry. If you know that she wants to stick to healthy foods, you can always choose a delicious fresh fruit hamper just for her. Not only is this good for mum, but for baby too!

Pamper hampers

If you prefer to pamper her, new mums can always do with some luxury bath and body products. Just imagine how she must feel after carrying a growing baby for 9 months followed by non-stop care day in and day out. It is exhausting (although rewarding) and many mums neglect themselves during the first few months of baby’s life. This is normal because mothers tend to put baby first and will settle for a messy bun rather than taking the time to really style their hair. Now is your opportunity to give them a reason to really take care of themselves. You can be sure that she will feel so much more human after taking some time to herself.

Take care of the chores

New mums don’t just take care of their baby all day. There are plenty of other chores to be done. Cooking, cleaning and everything in between. Even if she has not yet returned to work, there is always plenty to do at home. How about, at least for this one day, you give her the entire day off? Take care of all the chores and do as much as you can for baby too. While she might have to handle the feeds, you can take over bathing and diaper changes. If you have never changed your baby before, this could be quite the experience and it may even give her something to laugh about. It’s also a great way for you to really take note of how much she does around the house.

Let her rest

There is no greater gift for new mums than rest! All those sleepless nights add up and it’s easy for her to feel less energetic. She may even seem like she has a terribly short fuse. By allowing her to get some extra rest, you will help her recharge and she will be in a far better mental and emotional state.

Consider a few hours out

New mums often feel like they are stuck at home. Not getting out and about quite as much can be tough. You should consider taking a walk in the park, local gardens or anywhere she would like. If your little one is big enough to be left with a trusted friend or relative, you can always take her out for brunch or lunch. Not only will this give her a break from her usual routine, but it will also give her a reason to get dressed up.

Remember, when choosing how to spoil new mums, it really depends on how young your baby still is. She will not want to part with a newborn, for obvious reasons. So you should think of ways in which you can celebrate at home or somewhere nearby just for a few hours.