Mum’s cup of tea for Mother’s day

If your mother’s idea of relaxing is sipping on a warm cup of tea, then you have just found your inspiration for the perfect Mother’s Day flower gift! Fresh flowers are a must for this occasion and, with just a bit of creativity, you can make a masterpiece out of anything!

One of the main advantages of giving mum this kind of flower arrangement is the fact that you won’t need too many flowers. In other words, this is a great way of impressing her while saving money. All you will need is a selection of fresh flowers, a stylish teacup and matching saucer and, if you like, you can use a floral frog or floral foam. The “frog” or foam are there to hold your flowers in place.

When choosing the flowers, make sure that you already know what kind of teacup you plan on using. Better still, buy the teacup ahead of time so you know what colour flowers to use. A personalised cup is a lovely idea provided it is done in an elegant way. Simple printing on cups and mugs might not look all that great so try to have them print in a fancy font and in gold or silver to make it look extra stylish.

You don’t need large flowers for this arrangement. Smaller flowers will work far better and it’s important to include some greenery as well. Start by arranging some foliage around the rim of the teacup. Now, add some flowers around the outer edge so that they overlap the foliage. Follow with more flowers closer to the middle until you insert one final flower in the centre.

When choosing colours, it’s good to keep it simple. Stick to several shades of a single colour or use two different colours. For example, you can use dark pink spray roses, light pink carnations, and a few small pink daisy-like flowers in between. In this case, some white filler flowers like baby’s breath will not be out of place. If you want to use two colours, make sure that they create the perfect contrast. Purple and yellow are the perfect example of this. Again, you should use medium to small flowers and, even when using two main colours, you can use more than one shade of these colours. For example, you can pair bright yellow flowers with some dark purple and light purple blooms.

Finally, if you want to add something special, you can add a pretty flower pick. Butterflies, dragonflies, and even photo picks are all great ideas. Keep your accessories to a minimum so that they don’t steal any attention away from the fresh flowers. Once the flowers eventually perish, mum can still enjoy her beautifully decorated teacup and saucer!