Mother’s Day kindness to brighten her day

Mother’s Day is a busy day for most of us. We usually pamper our mothers or enjoy some much-needed pampering ourselves. Either way, many people don’t usually think beyond their own family when this day arrives. Here are a few acts of kindness that you might want to keep in mind on Mother’s Day or even during the days surrounding Mother’s Day.

Fresh flowers

Flowers make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for everyone. It should go without saying that you should spoil your own mum with a fine bouquet but you can treat a number of other special ladies too. If you know a mother who will be alone on Mother’s Day, a mother who has lost her child, or a mother-like figure in your life, you can send flowers to show them how much they mean to you.

A cup of coffee

While standing in line to get a cup of coffee or pick up something to eat, you could show some kindness by paying for their coffee or treating them to a light treat. A small act like this can go a long way and make their day that much better.

Hospital or care facility visit

If your grandmother or another relative is in hospital or a care facility, it can feel rather lonely at the best of times. On Mother’s Day is when they are likely to feel it the most. When visiting somebody in the hospital or a care facility, you might want to spare a thought for those around them. If you like, you could present each of the ladies in the ward with a fresh flower. Care facilities are often dull and depressing. You can brighten up their day by placing a fresh flower arrangement in their communal area like the living room where everyone can enjoy it.

An office treat

You can surprise your co-workers with flowers, chocolates, or another delicious treat to celebrate Mother’s Day. For those who have to work on Mother’s Day, this can boost their mood and help them get through the day. If your offices are closed over the weekend or Sundays, then you can always share small gifts on Friday or the following Monday.

Mother’s Day is not only for celebrating your mother. You can spread some kindness all around and – remember – it’s contagious! The more kindness we offer to those around us, the more likely they will be to continue paying it forward.