Ideas for decorating your buffet table

If you have ever served or enjoyed a buffet style meal, you will know just how important the layout can be. It’s not just about displaying the food properly but also the additional décor. Buffet tables become empty after your guests have had their first go at it. Caterers will know that it’s important to re-arrange the foods once everyone has sat down so that the platters don’t appear too empty. In some cases, foods are placed on smaller plates or dishes so that they maintain their appeal. Similarly, the table décor also helps maintain that appetising appearance.


Even though you’re not likely to eat the flowers on the buffet table, they can make the food appear more delicious. It’s the presentation as a whole that counts. In most cases, your buffet table will consist of layers or levels. Food items that are placed towards the back of the table will be positioned on top of supports so that they are raised and easier to see and access. The food arranged at the front edge of the table will be placed directly on the table itself to allow easy access to those foods in the back. Each dish will have at least on serving spoon or set of tongs and the plates and bowls are usually placed at one or even both ends of the line.


The décor will need to be placed in between the food items but should not obstruct the view or access to any of the foods. The flowers and foliage should never come into contact with any of the food items so make sure that you avoid flowers with a lot of pollen. If you wish to display lilies, for example, as your florist to remove the pollen first. Make sure that none of the flowers or foliage you display is known to contain toxic properties. Use only safe flowers and plants!


You can use taller arrangements towards the back of the table and scatter petals or use small bunches of flowers to decorate the front of the table. Avoid decorating the edge of the table since your guests will most likely walk by and bump the flowers while they are focussed on the food. Don’t forget to decorate your table as well! Just because your buffet table is full of flowers does not mean that you can skimp on the dining table décor. Tablescapes are wonderful creative ideas that will take up minimal space while offering style and sophistication. This approach can be used on any table, including your buffet!