Mother’s Day flowers and their meanings

When you shop around for Mother’s Day flowers, you will notice that there are dozens of beautiful blooms available at your local florist. When choosing flowers for mum, you should take into account the meaning of each type of flower so that you send the right message.


If you are looking for traditional Mother’s Day flowers, you can’t go wrong with carnations. While they are available in various colours, the most suitable choice for this occasion is pink. You can display them on their own or pair them with baby’s breath. Pink carnations are perfect for expressing your gratitude.


Lilies are also popular Mother’s Day flowers and it’s not just because of their amazing beauty. They are also known for their sweet scent. They are available in various colours and each colour sends a different message. White lilies represent purity while pink ones symbolise prosperity and friendship.


Tulips are associated with the spring season which is why they are such fitting floral gifts for mum. Red tulips can be interpreted as a romantic gesture. You can send them to your spouse since you have an intimate relationship with them. Yellow varieties send a cheerful and affectionate message while white tulips are a symbol of purity. Pink varieties make excellent Mother’s Day flowers in particular, because they express sincere caring.


If you are looking for an elegant Mother’s Day flowers, look no further than orchids. There are several types of orchids from which you can choose as well as various colours. In addition, you can choose between a cut flower arrangement or potted orchids. Many people opt for the latter because a potted plant will bloom year after year.


When you think of daisies, you might imagine the wild flowers that bloom in fields and gardens. However, there are plenty of types of daisies, such as Gerbera Daisies. These blooms are associated with beauty, innocence and purity which is why they make such great Mother’s Day flowers.

These are several great ideas to help you choose the perfect Mother’s Day flowers. Remember, you don’t need to select a single type of flower. You can combine various blooms like carnations and lilies with some daisies in between. You can even add some roses, too. Consider a pink bouquet that consists of at least three or four different types of pink blooms! The bouquet will be bursting with colour and texture.