Elegant Mother’s Day blooms

Women love elegance and classy gifts. The right kind of gift will make her feel special and pampered even more than your average gift. Elegance is not limited to her appearance. It’s also about her style in general and the things she enjoys. Fresh flowers can be arranged in so many different ways. Some bouquets have a traditional theme whereas others are more modern. If you are looking for luxury flowers for Mother’s Day, there are some specific flowers you’ll want to choose.

Like many other annual occasions, Mother’s Day is associated with a particular type of flower – the carnation. A bouquet of pink carnations is considered the traditional Mother’s Day gift and this is always a lovely option if mum is the traditional sort. However, if you want to spruce it up a bit, you could either choose different flowers or you can opt for a mixed bouquet. Fortunately, carnations are medium sized flowers with gorgeous texture. This means that they can be paired with a wide variety of other types of flowers in mixed bouquets. So, you can have the best of both worlds – the traditional touch of carnations along with more luxurious blooms.

Roses and lilies are popular flowers throughout the year. Although they are not in season all year, florists all over the world like to keep them in stock due to the high demand. They are available in various colours and they certainly add that element of elegance to any bouquet. A bunch of pink roses, lilies, and carnations with a touch of baby’s breath incorporate traditional and elegant aspects that make this mixed bouquet a true treasure.

A particularly popular type of lily is the Stargazer lily. These flowers are pink and white which means that you can include them with various pink and white blooms. For example, you can add pink carnations and white tulips to the bunch if you like. With a touch of foliage in between, you’re all set!

If you want something completely nontraditional and the most elegant of all, look no further than orchids. These flowers are truly unique and their beauty is hypnotic. Orchids can be added to a cut flower arrangement but, if you want them to last longer, choose a potted orchid plant instead. Mum will get so much more joy out of this gift.

Remember, if you choose to send a bouquet of cut flowers, you should also consider adding a vase to your flower order. The vase should suit the colour scheme and style of the bouquet. The safest option of all is a plain, yet beautiful, clear glass vase. This design is timeless and can be reused over and over again. Your florist should also stock various optional extras such as wine, luxury chocolates, and balloons. Consider making your gift even more impressive by adding to you flower order!