Flower colours and what they mean

Whether you are shopping for flowers for yourself or a loved one, it’s always good to remember that flower colours determine what the bouquet means. Different colours and their meanings make different blooms better suited for different recipients and occasions.


Red is one of the most popular of all flower colours. Red blooms represent love and passion. Which is why they are perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries


Another popular choice in flower colours is pink. These blooms send a message of joy and innocence. They are popular for occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day and to welcome a new baby girl.


Of all the flower colours available, blue is one of the more difficult to find. There are not as many blue flowers out there as there are red, yellow or white. However, blooms like irises and hydrangeas are perfect if you want to add some blue to your bouquet. Blue is a soothing colour and perfect for various occasions including welcoming a new baby boy.


Purple is associated with royalty and, for this reason, purple blooms represent dignity, success and pride. They can be paired with other bright blooms that will help send a message of congratulations to the recipient.


White blooms are one of the easiest to find of all flower colours. They represent purity, humility and innocence. They are often sent as part of a sympathy bouquet or used as part of funeral flowers. They are both elegant and comforting.


If you want to send a happy message, you should look for flower colours like yellow. Yellow blooms are perfect for congratulations flowers, birthdays and they are an excellent choice for friends. Yellow roses represent friendship and they look perfectly beautiful all on their own.


Just like yellow, orange is another excellent warm colour that will brighten their day. They can be paired with other bright colours like yellow and red. You can even add some white blooms to the mix and they will help them stand out even more.


One of the most unusual flower colours of all is green. We usually think of foliage when we think of greenery in bouquets. However, green flowers are available. Examples include carnations and orchids. They represent renewal and optimism

These are some of the most popular flower colours of all. Some look best on their own while others are best paired with other colours. Sometimes you can pair two colours to create the perfect look. Alternatively, you can use a colour wheel to combine three or more colours in a single arrangement.