Mother’s Day flower deliveries to hospitals

While we all want to honour mum in the comfort of her home or even take her out for a few hours, sometimes life has other plans. If she is in hospital, for whatever reason, you can still arrange for a Mother’s Day flower arrangement to be delivered. You should simply keep the following important points in mind before you place your order.

Contact the ward

The first thing you need to establish when planning such a Mother’s Day flower delivery, is whether or not her ward will allow flowers. Most wards are just fine but there are some areas of any hospital (such as intensive care) that might have some strict regulations and restrictions.

The right blooms

After clearing it with the hospital, you should begin searching for the perfect Mother’s Day flower bouquet. Since she is in hospital, you don’t necessarily need to stick to the traditional options like pink carnations. Just make sure that you select a bouquet that will not release pollen into the air. Flowers with heavy pollen are ideal or, if you are very concerned about this, you can always opt for a silk arrangement. You should also keep in mind that space might be limited so keep your floral gift small yet meaningful.

Lift her spirits

Many studies have proven that fresh blooms can really benefit a recipient who is not feeling well or if they are recovering in hospital. When you provide somebody with an emotional boost, it will also positively benefit them physically. For this reason, you might like to shop for a bright Mother’s Day flower bouquet rather than one that includes a lot of pastel shades. The arrangement should brighten the room and make her feel energized in order to aid in her recovery.

First time mothers

If she is in hospital after welcoming a new baby, this is even more reason to celebrate! In most cases, you can have the bouquet delivered and, if she is in a shared ward, the rest of the patients with her will also get to enjoy the beauty of this thoughtful gift.

If you are not able to send a Mother’s Day flower arrangement to the hospital, for whatever reason, just remember that you can always wait for mum to return home and present her with a special bouquet then. She might still need some time to relax so you can set the bouquet in her bedroom so that she can enjoy it every day.