Mother’s Day advice on accessories

When creating the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangement, you will need to consider a bit more than just the flowers. Accessories can make a bouquet stand out even more and make it that much more memorable. For somebody as important as mum, it’s certainly worth going the extra mile. Here are some tips for accessories.

Glitter petals

If you have the time and you want to give your Mother’s Day flowers some sparkle, you can apply glitter! This process will require time, care and patience. Before attempting adding glitter to your mum’s blooms, you should practice on some garden flowers first. This way, you can get a feel for the technique and discover the more precise movements that will help you achieve the desired look.

Print a photograph

You can also add something personal to any Mother’s Day gift by printing out a photo of you and mum or even a family photo. You can use the photo as part of your Mother’s Day card design or you can frame it and present it along with the bouquet. Alternatively, if you print a small size picture, you can set it on a flower pick and add it to the bouquet.

Add a Mother’s Day ribbon

Whether you are planning on presenting a handheld bouquet or an arrangement set in a gorgeous vase, you can always add a pretty ribbon. The ribbon you choose should not be made from paper. It should be a fabric ribbon since paper ones tend not to look as good and can become damaged when wet. Choose a ribbon that will also suit the colour scheme of your bouquet.

Vase or container

Last, but certainly not least, you need the right container to bring it all together. Yes, you can use a stylish vase but you could also give your bouquet an interesting theme by placing it in something like a coffee mug or teacup for example.

Many of the ideas mentioned above can work well together. In other words, you don’t have to choose just one or the other. You an use more than one of these ideas to make your Mother’s Day bouquet stand out unlike any arrangement she has ever received in the past.