Money Tree care instructions and tips

If you are looking for a plant that will not require too much of your time or energy, a Money Tree is the way to go. These small trees come from Central and South America. They are known to grow as tall as 3m but you can keep yours at bay by using a small planter. Pruning is also advised to keep the branches from growing too long. While this plant is easy to care for, there are a few guidelines that you will need to follow.

Possible causes for concern

The best indicator of a problem is the plant itself. So, keep an eye on the leaves and you can’t go wrong. If your Money Tree has yellowing or dropping leaves or if you notice rotting on the stem or roots, this is due to overwatering. Cut back on watering and allow the soil to dry out before watering again. You should also make sure that your planter has drainage holes to allow water to flow out rather than remaining in the soil. Brown, dry leaves are a sign that your plant needs more water while dropped leaves indicate relocation shock. Water your dehydrated plant thoroughly and keep away from sources of heat or air conditioners. Plants in shock should be placed in a place with plenty of light and humidity until the adjust. Yellow or withering leaves are a sign that your plant needs more light. Move it to a sunnier spot.

Light needs

Your Money Tree will enjoy medium to bright indirect light. You could even grow it under fluorescent lighting. The plant should be turned once a week in order to ensure even growth.


Water your Money Tree until water flows out the holes in your planter. You should them empty the pan so that the base of the planter is not resting in water. Wait until the top layer (2,5 – 5cm) is dry before you water again. Do not get water on the trunk since this can cause stem rot.


These plants enjoy moderate to high levels of humidity. This is easy to achieve. All you need to do is place your pot on a tray with pebbles and add water. The planter will not be in contact with the water directly so the water will evaporate. This creates extra humidity around the plant.


Your Money Tree does not like the cold or extreme heat. Make sure that you keep it comfortable at temperatures ranging from 16 to 20 degrees Celcius.


Make sure that you choose potting soil that allows for fairly quick drainage. You don’t want water to stick around too long in the soil since the roots can end up rotting and your plant will die.


During the spring and summer seasons, you should feed your Money Tree once a month. During the cooler months of the year, you only need to do so every two months.

Winter care

During the winter months, you should cut back on watering and fertilizing. The plant will enter more of a dormant phase so adding too much fertilizer and water will do more harm than good during this time.


You will only need to repot your plant every two years. Remember, if you do not want it to grow any bigger, you should use a planter of the same size and just add fresh potting soil. Even if it has reached the desired size, you should remember that soil degrades over time and will need to be replaced.


To encourage new growth, you should cut off a few of the bigger leaves from the bottom of the plant. Do this each month and your Money Tree will grow taller.


These plants often have braided stems. You will want to continue the braiding as the plant grows. Use twine to secure the new growth in place. You need to do this while the stems are still young and flexible or you could end up harming the plant.

These are all the essential tips you need to know when taking care of your Money Tree. So, whether you buy one for yourself or you have received one as a gift, you can be sure that it will brighten your home for many years to come.