Welcome a baby boy this summer

Summer is a great season for mothers to welcome babies. The weather is warmer which means that you don’t need to worry about bundling them up and protecting them from cold air and all sorts of bugs. This means that baby will spend more time in comfortable, loose clothing. When at home, mothers often leave their young babies without anything on at all. The fresh air is far better than that diaper and it’s great to allow baby’s skin to breathe. Now, when you know that one of your friends or relatives is expecting a baby boy and they are due in summer, you might be wondering exactly how you can welcome the handsome addition.

First things first, newborn babies don’t do much other than sleep, eat, and fill their diapers. So expecting baby to appreciate a gift is asking too much. That said, your gift can make all the difference to the new parents! Due to fluctuating hormone levels, many mothers experience depression after having a baby which is why fresh flowers are such an excellent gift. Flowers are known for boosting the mood and they can help regulate the mother’s emotions while she adjusts to life with her new little one. The question many people ask is what kinds of flowers they should send to welcome a baby boy?

During the summer months, you have a number of great options. When welcoming a baby boy, it should be fairly obvious that there are certain colours you can choose as well as some colours to avoid. Pink, for example, is a colour suited for baby girls and not baby boys. Blue is a popular colour for boys but finding blue flowers can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

Bluebells are usually in bloom during the spring months but, if the boy arrives during the first few weeks of summer, you might be in luck. If they are no longer in bloom, not to worry, your florist should have several other options.

Hydrangeas bloom in several colours depending on the pH of the soil. Hydrangeas are available in shades of blue which means that they can be included in a lovely bouquet to welcome the baby boy. They are in bloom during summer and you only need a few stems to fill a vase. Pair them with some white roses, for example, and you’re all set!

About roses, you might not find blue roses in nature but there are some tricks we can use to bend nature a bit to our will. Firstly, roses can be dyed using food colouring or you could opt for special spray paint instead. Ask your florist about creating blue roses for your bouquet and combine these blooms with other white flowers too. Chrysanthemums are also great for colouring blue if you are looking for flowers with a bit more texture. Again, your florist should be able to help you with this.