Health benefits of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers offer a wide variety of benefits. From their beauty to their sweet smell, there’s no doubt why they make the perfect gift for any occasion. When you choose flowers for yourself or for a loved one, it’s a good idea to consider any extra benefits that you can enjoy.

Jasmine is known for its amazing scent as well as its ability to soothe. Jasmine helps calm stress and make you feel more relaxed. Along with its ability to calm your nerves, it also helps boost your confidence and make you feel that much more optimistic. Jasmine tea has been enjoyed in Southeast Asia for decades and it consists of a blend of green tea and jasmine flowers. On top of all the benefits, this tea is delicious! If you are suffering from a cold, flu, or headaches, this tea could be just what you need. It’s also favoured for its high levels of antioxidants which are always a bonus.

Roses offer one of the most loved scent of all. They are also one of the most popular flower found at any florist worldwide. Apart from brightening your room, they also offer various health benefits. Roses are known to encourage positive thinking and improved moods. Rose oil offers amazing soothing effects and contains Vitamin A, E, D, C, and B3! The oil does require a large quantity of petals which means that it usually has quite a high price tag. Used topically, it has a soothing effect on irritated skin and can even be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment!

Geraniums are beautiful flowers and they are known for helping balance fluctuating hormones. This means that it’s great for helping ease those monthly cramps. It’s also great for your complexion and the oil is also used for healing cuts and other forms of trauma like ulcers. When used topically, it can help keep acne and black heads at bay. That said, it should be used in moderation or your skin could become too oily as a result.