Flowers to decorate your living room this summer

Summer is here at last and it’s time to welcome some of that abundant colour and life indoors. When entertaining guests, you will almost always invite them to your living room. This is why we always pay such close attention to keeping it clean and tidy. You can, however, take it a step further by sprucing up the room with some fresh summer blooms. A bouquet of fresh flowers is excellent for adding colour and bringing life to the room. The best part of all is that there are plenty of wonderful blooms in season and, when you order your favourite bouquet, your florist will be able to delivery them promptly. Thanks to same day flower delivery and next day flower delivery, you can transform your living room sooner rather than later!

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to choose where to place the bouquet. You might have a coffee table in the middle of the room and you could also have some side tables. Think about where your flowers will be out of the sun, wind, and out of reach if you have pets or young children. Once you have selected the perfect spot, you will know what size bouquet you can choose. The smaller the table, of course, the smaller the bouquet. It’s important not to choose a bouquet that takes up the entire table. You will still need space for your coffee mugs, teacups, or other drinking glasses, for example.

Hydrangeas are a great option for adding colour and subtle style to a living room. You don’t need a lot of stems to create an impressive display and they are available in various colours too. If you love roses, then you can really take your pick in summer! Available in every colour you can imagine, you can even dye roses using food colouring if you like. Single colour or mixed bouquets of roses are equally stunning. Consider the colour scheme of the room and choose colours that will either complement or create a stylish colour contrast.

Other fabulous summer flowers include heather, gladiolus, campanulas, irises, and several varieties of lily. Smaller flowers are perfect for small arrangements whereas larger blooms can be used for larger displays. If you want to display a tall bouquet, make sure that it is not placed in a space where it could be knocked over. These floral displays are usually best suited for corners.