Modern flowers for your kitchen this summer

The best way to decorate your home with modern flowers is to tackle one room at a time. Check out the theme, style and colour scheme of that particular room and go from there. One of the most visited rooms in your home, other than your living room, is your kitchen. Often friends will come over and you will spend time in the kitchen or give a new visitor a tour of your home which will certainly include your cooking. This is why decorating our kitchens is so important. If you’re sending flowers to a friend and you know they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then this is the room you want to decorate.

Focus on your kitchen

There are two main trends in cooking styles today. One of which is traditional or rustic and the other is a more modern design. The latter is quite popular due to all the new appliances and gadgets we have in our kitchens, so it makes sense to design around these things. So how would you decorate with something like flowers in a modern kitchen?

The right vase

You will notice that modern-style kitchens are very simple and everything has its place. They will usually have a black and white colour scheme or perhaps silver. The appliances will be black or chrome, so the first thing you’ll need to do is choose a vessel that will match these items. A simple vase is the way to go if you want your modern flowers to stand out. Basically, you have about four options. First of all, you can use a silver coloured vase made of some kind of rust resistant material. Get creative and consider using the glass part of a shaker, for example.

Alternative vases

Two more options are black or white ceramic vases. They can have a simple or more retro design to give it an original touch. However, make sure they are plain and have no designs or images printed on them. You want the vessel to blend into the kitchen and not stick out like a sore thumb. Finally, you can opt for the ever-popular option of the simple, clear glass vase. Again, make sure it’s clear, simple, and with no designs engraved on it. You want your modern flowers to stand out and the vase should not attract too much attention.

Beautiful blooms

Once you have chosen the vase, you will need to choose the right flowers. For a sophisticated kitchen, nothing better than an orchid. You don’t need an entire bouquet, just one or three stems (depending on the size of your bouquet). More is less when it comes to decorating a practical space like a kitchen, so try to keep it as simple as possible. Other options for beautiful flower bud arrangements include roses, various lilies, and even bird-of-paradise flowers. In a simple kitchen with a simple colour scheme like black, white or silver, brightly coloured modern flowers will look great. They will stand out in a positive way.

The right modern flowers can truly transform your kitchen. Since you tend to spend so much time in this part of your home and you may entertain guests here too, you want to make sure that it always looks beautiful and inviting.