How to match flowers to personalities

Flowers come in all different shapes and sizes. Hundreds of different colours and thousands of different designs can be chosen. It can often be difficult to decide which flowers are correct and suitable for the right occasion or whether the flowers suit the personality of the receiver. Before sending flowers there are some questions you may need to ask yourself. Such as:


  1. What colours does the person receiving the flowers like?

  2. Do they have a favourite kind of flower that they would prefer being given?

  3. What hobbies does the person receiving the flowers do?

  4. What sort of message do you want the flowers to interpret?

Some personalities match some kinds of flowers and other personalities are attracted to other kind of flowers. Below is a run through of the popular types of flower arrangements which match a certain kind of personality.

If the person receiving the flowers are traditional then they might prefer a big arrangement with a great variety of flowers. People who are family people, very trustworthy and prefer a classic style are the sort who would like this design of flowers.

If you have a romantic person in your life and want to send them flowers then they generally prefer a bouquet of sweet, soft colours and airy fragrances supplemented by ribbon or lace. Romantics are generally generous, spontaneous and extravagant.

Casual people who are earthy and prefer the outdoors are generally drawn towards flowering or green plants and meadowy flowers.

If you know people who are pulled towards being unconventional and being attracted towards certain things from new age to the arts then they will generally go for flowers that are exotic and unusual shapes, colours and textures. These sort of flowers will appeal to their creative and artistic lifestyle.

If friends of your are contemporary meaning they are cutting-edge trend setters and enjoy living their lives to the fullest and enjoy living in the moment then they would enjoy a vogue kind of style to their flower bouquets. Designs with few flowers but flowers that are large and vibrant and generally consider a favourite amongst contemporary people.