Welcome spring with fresh flowers

The cold of winter is just about gone and, with just a few more chilly weeks, now is as good a time as any to start looking around for superb spring flowers. The winter months can be particularly glum and the weather can have an effect on our mood. Which is why it’s so important to celebrate the warmer weather with colourful blooms. If any of the flowers in your garden have started to bloom, then you can welcome nature inside your home by picking some flowers, placing them in a vase, and making your own beautiful spring flower arrangement. If your garden is still dormant, not to worry, you can always rely on your favourite florist to provide the very best spring flowers.

When choosing fresh flowers for your spring flower bouquet, you should keep in mind what types of flowers are currently in bloom or will bloom within the next few weeks. While summer is associated with bright colours, spring is better represented by pastel shades like purple, light pink, cream, and light shades of yellow.

Just like any other flower arrangement, personal preference will play a significant role when it comes to flower and colour selection. Pink and purple bouquets are popular but so are mixed bouquets that include several colours. A mixed bouquet looks more like a bunch of wild flowers picked from a local field. Combining these colours and various flowers with different textures is a sure way of creating that spring theme.

Another important decorative element to consider is your vase. The vase can either make or break the theme. You want to keep your vase simple so that your flowers get all of the attention. Plain white ceramic vases are great but, if you want a vase that will prove more versatile in the long run, you could opt for a clear glass vase instead. This is not only popular because it can suit any flower arrangement, but it also any d├ęcor that you already have in your home.

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of foliage. Greenery has a role to play in every flower arrangement. It’s best to choose more than one type of foliage but make sure that you do not add more greenery than flowers. Foliage is supposed to give the bouquet a fuller appearance but not overcrowded. The green colour also helps the colourful flowers stand out even more.