How to make a wreath with herbs

Wreaths are popular throughout the year but they are even more sought after during the cooler months of autumn and winter. Wreaths can be made using a wide variety of flowers, foliage, plant material, and even herbs. Using herbs to make a wreath not only fills your home with a beautiful scent but it’s also really easy to do so yourself.

You will need:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Floral wire
  • Paddling wire
  • Herbs of your choice (Lavender, mint, rosemary, and thyme work well)


  • Start by rinsing and drying all of your herbs before you begin. This will ensure that no dirt or bugs are lurking between the gorgeous leaves.
  • Choose one of your herbs to act as the base for your wreath. It will need to conceal the grapevine wreath below. Place all the sprigs strategically in one direction and overlap the leaves. If you choose to use rosemary as the base, you should make sure that all of the sprigs are facing the same direction as you go. Secure the leaves with floral tape and continue until the end meets the beginning point.
  • Once you have lined the outer side of the grapevine wreath with your first herb, you need to secure them even more with paddling wire. Wrap the green paddling wire around the entire wreath and secure tightly in place.
  • Now, use the rest of your herbs to create small bundles. For example, you can use a sprig or two of lavender along with some thyme, and mint for good measure. Wrap the stems together with floral wire.Use this wire to secure these bundles to your wreath. Make sure that these bundles also face the same direction as the first herbs you secured to the wreath.
  • You can use more paddling wire to secure these bundles in place before displaying your herb wreath.
  • Add a hook to the back and display wherever you wish!