How to make a romantic centrepiece

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and it’s always a good idea to start planning early! The sooner you plan, the better you can budget, and you won’t be forced to do any last minute shopping. If you are planning a romantic evening at home or perhaps decorate the bathroom where a hot bath and glass of wine await, then this design is for you! It’s easy, elegant, and perfect for any romantic occasion.


You will need:

  • One clear glass cylindrical vase for each arrangement (if using more than one, they should be different heights so that they cluster well together)
  • Dark pink or red flowers (with wide open petals like orchids)
  • Clear, plastic or glass vase filler stones
  • Plain LED light (waterproof)
  • One floating candle



  • Start by placing some of the clear stones at the bottom of the vase.
  • Place your plain LED light in the centre and cover with a few more stones to conceal without obstructing the light.
  • Remember to turn the light on before you continue! Otherwise you will have to take the entire arrangement apart just to turn it on!
  • Place your flowers in the vase (one on top of the other). Make sure that they are slightly spaced apart and facing different directions.
  • Fill the vase with clean water.
  • Place the floating candle on top.


The size of the vases you choose will depend on the kinds of flowers you use. The larger the diameter of the flower, the larger the vase can be. It’s also important to remember that you can use high quality artificial flowers if you wish. Avoid cheap ones because their imperfections will be magnified by the water. You can also wait to light the candles. You wouldn’t want them to burn out before your partner or spouse arrives home. Use these arrangements in a cluster form as a centrepiece or line a passage way with a few of them. There are so many uses for these kinds of arrangements and they will always be memorable!