Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for kids to get involved and put their creativity to work. Depending on their age, kids can make all sorts of amazing gifts for mum. All you will need is a few basic art supplies and some imagination.

Small kids can get some help from a teacher or daddy to trace the outline of their hand on a colourful piece of cardboard. Cut along the lines and then paste it to a stick. You can use an old ice cream stick or something similar. Be sure to paint the stick green and feel free to add a leaf or two while you’re at it. You can make one or several of these to create a colourful bouquet.

If you want to make an extra special Mother’s Day card, you can cut out a daisy-like flower from your favourite colour paper. Cut a hole in the middle and stick a picture of your little one in this space. Each child can make their own card or all the kids can work on a card together with several flowers on the cover.

Tissue paper flowers are also fun and easy even for young children to make themselves. You can choose the colours you think mum will love the most and attach them to green pipe cleaners or wire. Make a mixed bouquet or you can use a single colour if you prefer.

If you plan on buying fresh flowers for Mother’s Day, you can still get the kids involved by letting them help you choose the flowers and you could even make your own special vase! Decorate an old vase or make your own as a way of adding something personal to any bouquet.

The fun doesn’t end here. There are also plenty of fun baking recipes that are suitable for children. Even if they cannot handle cake as it comes out of the oven, you can have them mix, stir, kneed dough, and decorate of course.