Can flowers be cheap?

If you have ever spent time in a flower shop or even browsing for flowers online, you may have noticed that different flowers have different price tags. Some are more expensive than others and it usually depends on factors like availability and demand. In addition, when shopping online in particular, you have most likely also noticed that there are some great deals, discounts, and savings. Online florists usually set aside a specific category for these savings so that clients know exactly where to look for cheap flowers.

Seasonal flowers are known for being the cheapest for a number of reasons. When a particular flower is in season, it means that the florist can source these flowers locally and they are a lot cheaper to purchase. This means that the bouquet will also be cheaper as a result. However, when flowers are not in season, the flowers will either need to be imported, or cultivated under specific artificial conditions. Such cultivation means that factors like temperature needs to be monitored and controlled at all times. This results in an increased cultivation cost and the final product will also be more expensive.

Supply and demand is another factor that will influence flower prices. Take Valentine’s Day for example – the price of red roses seems to double overnight. In the northern hemisphere, it’s important to remember that roses are not in season due to the cold weather. However, even in the southern hemisphere, where roses are in season during this time of year, red roses are in such great demand that cultivators as well as wholesalers up their prices to make the most of this business opportunity. As a result, florists are forced to price their bouquets accordingly.

The good news is that online florists are making the flower market that much more competitive by offering specials and savings that you won’t usually find at your average flower shop. Such incentives as free chocolates, a free vase, or free flower delivery are just some of the ways you can save money when sending flowers.

Remember, you might see somebody selling cheap flowers but it’s always important to understand how quality affects price. For example, bouquets with flowers that are fully opened are often cheaper because the seller knows that these flowers have a shorter lifespan than those that are only partially open. Always inspect flowers before buying and, if you buy online, make sure that the online florist offers some kind of satisfaction guarantee.