Popular Christmas flowers for your home

Every occasion and season is associated with different traditions, gifts, flowers and colours. Each culture is rich in its own traditions and this helps us pass on our culture from generation to generation. Over the years, these popular Christmas flowers have remained a top choice in homes around the world. So, if you are not sure how to decorate for the holidays, keep these floral options in mind.


Easily the most popular Christmas flowers are not actually flowers at all. The red bloom-like tips are in fact modified leaves that create an undeniably impressive sight. These are tropical plants but they often find their way into our homes over the holidays due to tradition, legend and their amazing festive beauty. They do not usually last more than one season which is why people tend to buy fresh poinsettias each year.


When shopping for popular Christmas flowers, you will probably come across mistletoe. These are actually berries and you may already be familiar with the mistletoe kiss tradition. It is important to remember that mistletoe does have toxic properties so, if you have children or pets, you might want to opt for the artificial variety rather than fresh sprigs.


Foliage is an essential part of all festive arrangements. Ivy is the perfect type of lush greenery to line your table or create similar displays that require some more flexible stems (like wreaths). Pair this foliage with popular Christmas flowers and you are all set for the holidays!


Again, these are not actual flowers but they are a big part of the Christmas tradition. They are often found on wreaths and as part of holiday centrepieces. Like mistletoe, holly also has some toxic properties which is why many people opt for artificial varieties rather than fresh.

Christmas cactus

This unique plant produces some of the most vibrant flowers. It’s no wonder it has become one of the most popular Christmas flowers of all. The Christmas cactus is not only excellent for your home, but you can also send it as a thoughtful gift these holidays.


These bulbs have a classic Christmas feel to them. Be it the colour or the shape of the flowers, there is no doubt that amaryllis is at the top of the list of popular Christmas flowers. They can also be added to mixed flower arrangements and their red petals look sensational beside some snow-white blooms.


There are plenty of lilies from which you can choose around this time of year. If you are unsure, ask your florist for some advice. Lilies are available in various colours and there are even some white and pink-striped varieties. These are particularly reminiscent of those delicious Christmas candy canes! They can be displayed on their own or paired with other blooms like roses for an even more beautiful effect.

Now that you have some ideas for popular Christmas flowers, you will know what to choose for your home as well as floral gifts. Spoil your friends and loved ones this holiday season with the best Christmas blooms.