How to make a pumpkin-like arrangement

Autumn is pumpkin season and this delicious product of nature has inspired many other areas of our lives too. Here is how to make a pumpkin inspired flower arrangement of your own. You can use this arrangement to brighten up any room in your home but it works remarkably well as a centrepiece in particular!

You will need:

  • A 6 inch floral foam ball
  • Up to 30 orange carnations
  • A dinner plate or plastic tray
  • Salal leaves or decorative ribbon


  • Slice the bottom of the foam ball to create a flat base.
  • Soak the foam in water until completely saturated.
  • Place the foam ball on the dinner plate or plastic tray.
  • Start trimming your carnation stems to a couple of inches in length.
  • Arrange your carnations around the top of the sphere but leave a small round section empty for the “pumpkin stem”.
  • Arrange another row of carnations and insert the stems so that there are no gaps and so that you cannot see any green.
  • Once you have covered the whole sphere, you can then bundle some of your carnation stems (the ones you snipped earlier) together and insert them in the top of your arrangement to represent the pumpkin stem. You will need to trim them to a few inches in length so that they are not too tall.
  • Now add a couple of salal leaves or similar large green leaves to the top and, if you like you can add individual leaves around the base to cover the plate. You could even use a decorative ribbon if you prefer.