Make Mother’s Day an all-weekend affair

Mother’s Day is often thought of as a single day of the year. We celebrate our mothers and all that they have sacrificed to keep us happy, healthy, and safe. Since mum gave up so much of herself to allow her children to grow, why limit Mother’s Day to just one day? Why not make a weekend of it?

If you want to spoil your partner for Mother’s Day, you could plan a weekend away. Of course, this will depend on the age of your child or children. If you plan on making it a family affair, it’s important to make sure that mum is comfortable taking her baby on holiday. If your kids are older, they might be able to spend a couple of nights at their grandparents’ home.

Sweet her off her feet by making all of the arrangements and keep them secret! If she usually works on weekends, you will need to speak to her boss behind her back and have them help you by giving her the weekend off. No matter where you go for your Mother’s Day weekend away, it’s important to make it all about her. Don’t let her lift a finger and have her relax as much as possible.

If you aren’t able to go away for a weekend, you can always make the most of Mother’s Day at home. Pamper her with a romantic dinner on Friday night followed by a luxurious spa treatment on Saturday. Make sure that you drive her to and from her spa appointment so that she can really relax! On Sunday, surprise her with a fresh flower delivery, breakfast in bed and all the trimmings!

Depending on the age of your kids, you can allow them to get involved too. Let them prepare a special gift for each day. On Friday, they can make some cookies for mum. On Saturday, perhaps they can do some chores around the house, and on Sunday they can present mum with a special card and a gift. Even if they don’t have money to buy a gift, you could give your kids some money and help them pick the perfect gift! It is Mother’s Day, after all, so why not let the kids get involved too?