Make your own floral and herbal hair rinse

Fresh flowers are great for a number of reasons. They can brighten your home or work space, they make excellent gifts, edible flowers offer nutritional value, and you can even make your own hair rinse! Here are some great tips for making your own floral and herbal hair rinse at home.

Herbal hair rinse benefits include:

  • Improved hair growth
  • Natural dandruff solution
  • Sooth itchy scalp
  • Improve circulation in the scalp
  • Softer hair
  • Remove residue from hair products
  • Better shine
  • Adds natural tints and highlights

Choose the rinse that’s right for you:

Light hair benefits from: Calendula, chamomile, and yarrow

Dark hair benefits from: Sage, rosemary, and raspberry leaves

Red or auburn hair benefits from: Hibiscus flowers, calendula petals, and red clover

For added nutritional value use nettles, sage, and rosemary

For oily or dry hair problems add one (or more) of these: calendula, nettles, chamomile, comfrey root, or burdock root

For itchy scalp or dandruff use: Calendula, comfrey leaves, chamomile, burdock root, sage, rosemary, and/or nettles

For hair loss, use: Rosemary, nettles, and/or sage

Tea offers great vitamins and nutrients:

Black tea – to restore dark highlights and shine

Green tea – stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair

Rooibos tea – encourage hair growth and boost natural colour of light brown or auburn hair

Recipe ideas:

For dark hair – Equal parts of black walnut hulls, sage, rosemary, red raspberry leaf, and black tea.

For blond hair – Two parts of chamomile for every one part of calendula, yarrow, and lemon juice each.

For red hair – Two parts of hibiscus flowers for every one part of red clover, calendula, and rooibos tea each.

For dry hair – Two parts nettle for every one part of green tea, calendula, burdock root, and comfrey leaves each.

For oily hair –Two parts nettle for every one part of rosemary, burdock root, comfrey root, each and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

When making your own hair rinse, it’s all about taking your personal needs into account. Some hair rinses are design to be rinsed off immediately while others should set on your hair for a few minutes before you wash away with clean water. If possible, have somebody help you by pouring the rinse over your hair while you massage your scalp. Alternatively, soak your hair and scalp with the rinse before massaging your scalp. Not only is a scalp massage really relaxing, but it also helps improve circulation which promotes healthy hair growth.