Order blooms to suit your home decor

Whenever you choose to buy or send flowers, it’s always a good idea to give serious thought to where the arrangement is likely to be displayed. Fresh flowers can really brighten up a workplace and can also add a touch of warmth to a home. When you order blooms for your home or other lucky recipients, it is necessary to take note of the style, theme and decoration of the house.

Popular décor

If the home is medium in size with average décor, it will be easy to order blooms for such a setting. These houses have a sort of natural feel to them and you will often find wooden coffee tables instead of glass. The environment is designed to encourage you to relax and that is why you will need to choose the container before selecting fresh flowers. Baskets and ceramics look best, but clear glass vases should not be excluded. Once you have the perfect container, it’s time to arrange the flowers and foliage just right. Remember not to overfill or overcrowd the container. When you pick flowers or purchase them online, you should go for a natural garden look. Great examples include hydrangeas, sunflowers, and any flower that has been classified as part of the daisy family.

Modern style

For homes that have been decorated in a more modern or contemporary style, you should take the exact opposite approach to the one mentioned above when you order blooms. Modern houses have a friendly, clean and super organized atmosphere. You will not find wooden furniture but glass and steel furniture. The curtains and blinds will be in bright colours and you won’t see the use of pastel shades anywhere. The type of container that will work best is an abstractly shaped glass vase or even something with a metallic finish that complements some of the other decorative elements in the room. Orchids, anthuriums and calla lilies are just a few examples of the types of flowers that will work best in such an environment.

Traditional setting

Another style that tends to be more popular with the older generation is a sort of traditional theme for the home. These houses are perfectly decorated according to a particular time period. Take the Victorian era, for example, and consider details like the types of furniture, the colours of fabrics, and the types of wood used for tables, chairs, and other furniture. Consider the time period, then look for the types of flowers that were most popular at the time. During most periods, mixed bouquets were favoured and could include anything from roses to snapdragons. As for the container, you’ll need to find something suitable for that time frame. During the Victorian era, vases decorated in porcelain, brass and silver were popular. Crystal was considered something only the wealthy could afford. During the Middle Ages, vessels could be plain or decorated with dragons and similar designs. They were usually silver or stone in colour.

The good news is that you can order blooms with ease and for any occasion from the comfort of your home by browsing online. You can shop according to occasion as well as your budget and you can even have the bouquet delivered directly to the recipient if you like.