How to make a black and white flower arrangement

Flower arrangements can have various colour schemes. Some might consist of a single colour and others may include four or more. The colour or colours you choose depend on the event or occasion. For black tie events, a black and white colour scheme is extremely popular. All the more reason to choose black and white flower arrangements. The main problem that people encounter, however, is that flowers are not naturally black. So, if you can’t get black flowers, how can you possibly make a black and white bouquet?

Well, there are several ways of achieving the desired appearance. Firstly, you can use white flowers along with some flowers that are dyed or spray painted black. The key is to use mostly white blooms with black flowers here and there. You also need pure white flowers so that the black accents really stand out.

The right vase can also help create the look you desire. You can use a clear glass vase lined with black and white marbles or you can use a plain black or plane white vase. If you like, you can use strictly white flowers in your bouquet along with a pure black vase. This is most likely the simplest option of all.

Feathers are also highly effective decorative items and they can be added to flower arrangements. Place white flowers in your vase along with black feathers and choose the appropriate vase and vase fillers if necessary.

Remember that this kind of bouquet is best to avoid adding foliage. By adding green, you will take away from that contrast of opposites. You can also add a white candle to your arrangement if you like. This can be done by arranging flowers around the candle holder or you can make a black and white wreath with a candle set in a glass bowl in the centre. Remember that safety is always essential and the flame should never reach the flowers. It’s also important to ensure that the rest of the table and your room is appropriately decorated in order to maintain consistency.