Types of funeral flower arrangements

It’s not easy when you lose somebody you love and it’s even more difficult finding just the right way of expressing your love and sorrow. When somebody passes away, it’s usually unexpected. Therefore, planning every aspect of a funeral can be quite overwhelming. It’s not just about arranging the location for the funeral or memorial service but also the entire programme, flowers, and food for everyone attending the service.


Once you have planned the location for the funeral, it’s time to plan how you intend on brightening up the area. It might not seem like the kind of occasion you wish to decorate, but the flowers are in fact more of a tribute to the diseased than anything else. While many people choose white flowers to honour their loved one, others are inclined towards more colourful bouquets as a way of celebrating their loved one’s life.


After choosing your colour scheme, it’s time to choose the types of bouquets you wish to order. You can choose from funeral posies, baskets, wreaths, sprays, crosses, and even personalised arrangements.


Posies are perfect for placing on tables like those usually in the foyer area. The same can be said for baskets. Wreaths, sprays, and crosses are often placed on top of the casket. However, if you want something really special, you can ask the florist to put something together like a floral tribute that reads “MUM”, “DAD”, or perhaps even their name or initials if possible.


Many people like to place an enlarged photograph of the deceased as part of the visual tribute. The photo can be set on a stand and framed with a regular large photo frame or a floral frame. If you opt for the latter, you might need to leave the photo with the florist so that they can create the frame around the picture.


If you need to add colour to a large room, you might need large vertical arrangements set on stands so that they are raised to eye level. These arrangements are usually placed in the corners of a room so that they can be seen but don’t get in the way.