Christmas flowers in honour of a loved one

Christmas is always associated with happiness and the joy of giving. However, there are those who have lost a loved one and the holidays can be particularly difficult and emotional. Each year we heal a little more as we go through the grieving process. A good idea to help those who are grieving is to recognize that person and celebrate them instead of trying to rush the holiday to get it over with. Flowers are a popular and tasteful symbol used on many occasions, including times of celebration and mourning. That’s why sending Christmas flowers to your loved one’s grave often increases that feeling of closure.

Sympathy flowers

Many local and online florists are more than capable of creating the perfect bouquet in honour of that special someone. Arrangements classified as funeral flowers are usually a good starting point for your search. The floral cross is a popular choice as it is used to represent Christianity. Crosses are often used as headstones or placed at the place where the person died. They can be arranged using the same colours as your favourite Christmas flowers in the shape of a cross.


Another popular option is the wreath. Wreaths are often found in homes during the holiday season as part of Christmas flowers and decorations. Wreaths are also popular to use at funerals and you can place one on the grave of your deceased loved one or you can place a wreath around their photo like a frame and hang it on one of your walls.

Potted plants

Some people even like to place a potted poinsettia next to their loved one’s grave, as it is durable and festive. However, you should consult your local caretaker to ensure that he or she does not mind checking your facility from time to time. You may need to offer them something (a tip) for their inconvenience. Be sure to indicate how much and how often the plant will need to be watered.

Honour their final resting place

Each cemetery has its own rules and regulations regarding the size of bouquets you can place next to a grave. You should definitely check this with the person concerned before ordering Christmas flowers from your florist. If you want something really simple, you can ask your florist for one of the festive Christmas bouquets.

Of course, not everyone who dies is buried and there are many who prefer to be cremated and have their ashes placed in a special place. Now, just because they don’t have a grave doesn’t mean you can’t buy Christmas flowers to honour them. In this case, you can still place flowers in or near the spot where you scattered your loved one’s ashes and spend some time here alone or with some friends and family. This could act as an additional memorial service and give everyone a chance to heal a little more in what could otherwise be a difficult time of year.