Make your own beautiful rose corsage

When it comes to flower arrangements and corsages, roses are quite obviously a favourite. What some people might not think about using is freesia. Freesia and roses make a stunning pair which is why it’s a good idea to consider using them together when making a corsage. The best part of all is that this corsage is very easy to make.

What you need:

  • A rose

  • Freesia with some flowers in bud form and some opened (about three of each)

  • Wax flowers

  • Fine foliage like plumosa

  • Floral wire

  • Green floral tape

  • A corsage band


  • Just like any other corsage, you will need to wire your flowers. This is to allow you to secure each of them in place. Start with your rose. Trim the stem so that there is approximately one inch remaining. Now you can slide a piece of floral wire through the base of the flower. Don’t pierce too high or too low. Pierce the stem where it meets the base of the flower for best results. Bend both ends of the wire down so that they are parallel with the stem.

  • Now wrap the wired stem with floral tape. Green tape is best for concealing the wire and ensuring a natural appearance.

  • Place your rose aside and then continue with your freesias. Make sure that you choose the right colour freesias to complement your rose and whatever you’re wearing. Unlike your rose, you will need to cut a piece of wire and bend it like a hairpin. Now, very carefully, you need to take the freesia flower in one hand and the wire in your other hand. Press the two points of the wire down and allow them to pierce the flower until they come through the bottom. Pull the wire through with care and stop before it comes all the way out. Tape the wired stem with green floral tape. Do this with all of your freesia stems and keep each flower stem separate.

  • Hold one of your freesia bud stems and add a wax flower along with some foliage to it. Wrap together using floral tape. Trim all of the stems to the same length – about 1 inch.

  • Add some opened freesia and more wax flowers and foliage. Wrap with floral tape again and trim the longer stems to the same length as the first batch.

  • Repeat this process to add more and more flowers while alternating between bud form freesia and open flowers.

  • Once you have added enough flowers, finish it off by adding the rose to the bottom and tape the stems together. Surround the bottom of the rose with some more wax flowers.

  • Tape all of the stems together and make sure that they are all secure. Trim the wire and stems all to the same length and twirl them around a pencil to finish these ends.

  • Attach the flowers to your corsage wrist band and you’re all set! Refrigerate or place in a cool spot until you wish to wear your corsage.