Long-lasting fresh flowers for your home

When ordering fresh flowers to display in your home, one thing is for sure. Everyone wants blooms that will last as long as possible. While it is important to take proper care of your cut flowers, it is also good to remember that some flowers naturally last longer than others. Here is a list of some of the longest lasting fresh blooms.


Mums are one of the most popular fresh flowers that you will find in flower shops around the world. Not only are they impressive to look at, but they are also one of the long-lasting of all cut flowers. To get the most out of these flowers, you should purchase them when they are in season from the mid-summer until late autumn.


These fresh flowers are also called Peruvian lilies and they have the most delightful scent. They are available in various colours and they bloom throughout the year. When you include alstroemeria in a bouquet, you can be sure that it will look fresh and fabulous for longer.


Available in a wide variety of colours, carnations are associated with the month of January. You can expect cut carnations to last as long as two to three weeks. They are perfect for just about every occasion. Just make sure that you choose the colour that sends the right message.


There are a number of different lilies from which you can choose and they are also available in various colours. These fresh flowers are loved for their striking appearance and the fact that you only need a few stems to make a great impact. Different lilies are associated with different myths, legends and traditions. If you display cut lilies during the milder spring season or the early part of autumn, you can expect them to last for approximately two weeks.


Of all the fresh flowers available, orchids are the longest lasting. Once they are cut, the flowers last for approximately three weeks. Of course, many people choose to opt for an orchid plant instead. These plants make superb gifts for various occasions and they are known for their elegance.

Finally, don’t forget that you too can positively impact the lifespan of your fresh flowers. By changing the vase water regularly, retrimming the stems from time to time and placing the vase in a safe spot, your blooms will last that much longer.