Long distance romance on Valentine’s Day

When you and your Valentine are miles apart, it might feel like you cannot celebrate at all. Thanks to modern technology and online shopping, however, this is no longer the case! There are some great ways of celebrating such a romantic occasion even if you are far from your love.

Firstly, take some time to shop for the perfect gift online. Online florists make this easy by offering a wide variety of gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers from which to choose. Once you have selected the ideal bouquet, take a look at the optional extras they have to offer. These usually include such goodies as chocolate, bubbly, and stuffed animals. Place your order and make sure that they deliver it to your Valentine on or before Valentine’s Day.

Secondly, make sure that you set a date with your Valentine. You might be on different time zones which is why planning is so important. Make sure that they know what time to be online and make sure that you are also ready for some quality face time! Turn your phones off (or at least switch to silent) so that you don’t have any interruptions. Sip on some wine together, enjoy a meal together, and enjoy one another’s company – albeit online.

If you have time to plan ahead, you can set up a fun treasure hunt for your Valentine. Make sure that you hide each clue in a spot that you know they will not usually look. Hide all of the clues and their surprise before you depart on your trip and have the first clue delivered as part of the message that arrives with a fresh flower delivery.

Another option for those who have some time to plan ahead is to create a video montage. These are super easy to make thanks to basic software and all you need to do is add photos, videos, music, and whatever else to the mix. Once your video is ready, you can either send the file to your Valentine on Valentine’s Day or you can upload it online and share the link with your Valentine on the day.

Gift hampers for Valentine’s Day are also a lovely option and they are certainly impressive. Like fresh flowers, hampers can be ordered in advance and you can choose the delivery date according to your Valentine’s schedule.

If you feel the need to make up for lost time, you could spoil your Valentine even more when you arrive home. To make up for that missed romantic night out, make a reservation at their favourite restaurant so that you can tuck into a meal together – face to face this time!