Lily flower types

One of the most popular types of flowers you will find at your local florist is the lily. These blooms are known and loved for their exotic beauty and many of them have the most amazing scent. If you are not sure which ones to choose for your next bouquet, here are some of the most popular lily flower types available.

Oriental lilies

This type of lily flower grows from a bulb. There are a number of types of oriental lilies, including hybrids that were cultivated to rid these blooms of their main vulnerabilities and make the most of their strengths. Oriental lilies have large petals and their colours are always so striking. The inner part of each petal is darker than the outer part which creates a focal point in each individual bloom. One downside of these flowers is their pollen. It is usually of the heavier nature which means it can cause quite a mess on the table below. However, you or your florist can remove the pollen from each flower if you like. Not only will this prevent all that mess, but it can also help extend the vase life of the bouquet.

Asiatic lilies

Examples of this type of lily flower include Dawn Star, Enchantment and Corsica. The Easter Lily is also an Asiatic lily and is probably the most popular of all. With pure white petals, these plants are popular as gifts.

Trumpet lilies

As the name suggests, this lily flower type has a trumpet shape. Golden Sceptre and Ortega are two examples of this type of lily. While many lilies have a fairly long bloom period, this particular type tends to bloom later in the summer season.


As briefly mentioned above, there are also some hybrid lily flower varieties. Orinpet lilies, for example, are a cross between oriental and trumpet lilies. Examples of these hybrids include Anastasia, Caravan and Belladonna. Thanks to ongoing research and cultivation, we will likely see even more varieties in the not too distant future.

Now that you know more about the different lily flower types available, all that is left is to find out which ones your favourite florist has in stock! Availability may depend on the season and whether they can be locally grown or if they need to be imported. This will also impact the price per stem so, if you are looking for bargains, be sure to order them when they are in season.