Large and impressive floral displays

Flower arrangements come in different shapes and sizes. Each of which designed to suit a particular setting and occasion. While small posies and bouquets are great for smaller rooms, a more dramatic approach is favoured when you have a large space to decorate. It makes sense that a small bunch of flowers will go unnoticed in a large room.

One example of large-scale flower arrangements that are proving increasingly popular is the flower wall. Flowers and foliage are arranged in such a way that they can be attached to a wall or any upright divider. The flowers and plant material can be secured to a kind of solid mesh to prevent them from falling. Floral wire is best for securing the stems to mesh. These arrangements don’t usually have any source of water so they need to be assembled just before the event. They should be kept cool and possibly misted with water to freshen them up. Plants can also be used in a similar manner but they will need a water source and there are professionals that specialise in this kind of textural wall décor. The small plants are secured to the backing or wall and they serve as a more permanent feature with the water source hidden so that all you see are the leaves and flowers.

Floral arches are also popular for weddings and other events. They have come a long way over the years and these days we see even more impressive artistic displays than ever before. It’s so much more than just a single arch. These days, the arch extends for several meters and has more of a rectangular shape in order to create that “stage-like” appearance. Decorating such a large archway is a real challenge! Not only do you need to add drapes but you also need a large number of bouquets and posies as well as extra foliage. Instead of pinning each flower and leaf to the arch, florists prefer to arrange various posies and then attach the entire posy to the arch. The posies usually consist of the different colours, similar flowers, and they vary in size. So, while one bouquet might be pink, another is white, and another is off-white. Then they are arranged in such a way so that they compliment one another and each colour is evenly spaced apart.

Finally, if you have a room with a high ceiling, you can use a floral chandelier design. Suspending flowers from the ceiling helps fill the room with colour without taking up important table space! It also helps fill an area that would otherwise look rather empty. If you use a hanging candlestick holder as a base for this type of arrangement, you can also add candles for lighting. That said, remember that you need to ensure that none of the flowers or foliage come close to the open flame. Alternatively, you can use LED candles if you want to play it safe.