Keeping Mother’s Day celebrations simple

Every year we seem to be faced with more and more occasions that we feel like we have to celebrate. Even the simplest occasions have become important annual events that require specific gifts. Mother’s Day was once a fairly simple celebration but, more recently, many people feel forced to spoil her socks off. While you do want to make mum feel extra special on this day, it’s important to remember that the small things really are what matter most. Fresh flowers are a popular traditional gift for Mother’s Day and, while you’re shopping around, you can add something extra like chocolates, a bottle of wine, or even a stylish vase.

When you want to save money on Mother’s Day without mum thinking you’re “cheap”, you should look around for flowers online. Many online florists offer great deals on Mother’s Day flowers and you can get some great combos too. Shopping in advance will also mean that you can take your pick from all the lovely bouquets and you can select the flower delivery date that suits you best. Ideally, you might want to have the flowers delivered the day before Mother’s Day so that you can surprise her in the morning.

Another great way of showing mum how much you care without breaking the bank, is by taking her out for a delicious meal. Now, you don’t need to reserve a table at the most expensive restaurant in town. You can simply take her to a delightful coffee shop or even out for a picnic. The important thing is not the food but rather the company! Take the time to turn your phone off or at least put it on silent for the day so that you can give her you undivided attention.

If your picnic plans get rained out, don’t give up just yet! You could always set up a delicious spread at your house. Go pick mum up from her home and set all the food out for her to enjoy as she pleases. Remember to choose a variety of foods and beverages so that mum has plenty of scrumptious options. Another important point to keep in mind is to have everything completely prepared before mum arrives. If not, she might try to step in and help!

Apart from the fresh flowers and a perfectly prepared meal, another great gift to include is a personalised card with a sentimental message from the heart. If you are planning on hosting a family event for Mother’s Day, you can have each guest bring a particular dish. Make sure that you tell each guest what they should bring so that you don’t end up with several bowls of potato salad. Having everyone contribute is also a great way of saving money and avoiding having to pay for it all yourself.