Pretty pink flowers for all occasions

Flowers come in a wide variety of colours. One of the most popular colour is pink. When shopping for pink flowers, you will love the fact that there are so many choices. The bouquet you choose will depend on the message you want to send as well as the occasion.


Available in various colours, the pink flowers symbolise femininity. As a plant, they grow much like a shrub and they are great for creating a lush ‘curtain’ for privacy. They usually bloom in the spring and summer but you may enjoy blooms as early as February.


There are 1,800 species of Begonia and some varieties are known to resemble roses and some have edible flowers, stems and leaves. If you grow them in your garden, remember that they enjoy well-drained soil and partial sun.

Calla lilies

These are perennial flowers with a fabulous scent. While the white varieties are the most well-known, they are also available in pink. Callas represent beauty and innocence. They love full sun and loose, well-drained soil.


Available in a wide variety of colours, there are several shades of pink carnations too. Pink carnations are the symbol of gratitude. They usually bloom late in the spring and during the summer months. They make excellent displays in vases and they can also be used as garnishes in dishes and cocktails.


Mums are known to bloom in autumn and sometimes early in the winter too. They are popular for autumn events and they represent love and happiness. If you are growing them in your garden, make sure that you plant them in well-drained sandy soil. They also enjoy full to partial sun.


These amazing blooms were first discovered in Mexico. There are 42 different species and they are part of the Asteraceae family. These blooms represent kindness and grace. Their curved petals are unique and this is what makes them so visually appealing.


Hyacinths are from the Mediterranean region and they were especially popular during the Victorian Era. In order to enjoy their blooms in spring, you need to plant these bulbs in autumn. These pink flowers represent playfulness.


Hydrangeas bloom in various colours, including pink. The colour of the flower depends on the pH of the soil. When you send these pink flowers, they send a message of true feelings. If you are planning on growing hydrangeas, you should plant them in sandy soil with peat moss and make sure that they receive full to partial sun.


Orchids are one of the most popular of all flower plants. They have a lovely exotic appearance and they produce the most amazing blooms. When you want amazing pink flowers to decorate your home, you can’t go wrong with opulent orchids.


Now these blooms are unlike any other. Large and rich with texture, they are a popular choice for weddings. These fragrant pink flowers symbolise honour and good fortune which makes them popular in bridal bouquets and as part of the centrepieces at the reception.


You cannot discuss pink flowers without mentioning roses. While red ones are popular as romantic gifts and declarations of love, pink roses symbolise admiration and appreciation.


They are the representation of protection and grace and they have a truly impressive appearance. When arranged with lush green foliage, these pink flowers really ‘pop’. Send pink snapdragons and express sentiments of protection and grace.


Like roses, tulips are available in various colours. These pink flowers make an excellent gift for Mother’s Day and other occasions like mum’s birthday. They send a message of endearment and care.

As you can see, there are many different types of pink flowers from which you can choose. In many cases, you can send a bouquet that consists of a single type of pink flower, several types of pink blooms or even mixed arrangements that include various colours.