Finger painting flower crafts for kids

Painting is a fun activity for all ages and, for kids, there’s nothing better than finger painting! Since spring is here and there are plenty of flowers in bloom, this is theperfect opportunity to let nature inspire your fun crafts.

One fun way of painting flowers is by using the bottom of a 500ml bottle of soda. Let your little one choose the colours they like the most and then let them dip the bottom of the bottle in some paint and press it down on a sheet of paper. You can use different bottles for each colour so that the colours don’t mix. Once they are done making the flowers, you should set their painting aside to dry. Let them enjoy a snack before returning to paint the stems, leaves, and perhaps some grass. Once finished, you can decide whether you want them to use their finger to paint the centre of each flower or you can let them glue little buttons instead. The most important thing to remember is that you should let them express themselves through their art.

Another fun idea involves cutting flower shapes out of white cardboard and letting your little one dip their fingers in some paint before pressing them on the petals. They do not need to cover the entire flower but rather achieve a spotty or patchy result. Add something fun to the centre like a button, ball of cottonwool, or something along these lines. Add a stem, some leaves, and stick everything down onto another stiff piece of cardboard. You can make one or a whole bunch of these!

Draw a bunch of stems and make sure that there’s enough space between the tips of the stems for your child’s hand. Let them dip their hand (or hands) in some paint and press them down on the end of each stem with the palm on the stem and the fingers spread out. You can use various colours to make a mixed bouquet if you like.

You can also let your little one use a single finger, dipped in paint to make a flower that consists of five individual petals. In other words, dip their finger in some paint and press it down on the paper, dip again and press again next to the first fingerprint. Repeat in a circle until you have a flower. Use yellow to create the centre of the flower and add a green stem with a leaf or two.