Keep your iris bouquet beautiful

Irises are gorgeous flowers available in several colours. No matter which colour you prefer, there is no doubt that they will brighten any room. They can be paired with other flowers or displayed all on their own. This flower is so beautiful that the French chose it as their national emblem. If you are familiar with the language of flowers, you may already know that these flowers symbolise passion, wisdom, faith, and friendship. The colour of the iris will determine its exact meaning. Blue represents hope and faith, purple symbolises wisdom, yellow is for passion, and white is for purity. When you send irises to somebody special, make sure that they send the correct message.

Irises have particularly long stems which makes them excellent for taller arrangements. This means that you will also need a relatively tall vase in order to keep your flowers well-supported and to ensure that the arrangement does not appear top heavy.

Irises need plenty of water since they are particularly thirsty blooms. You still don’t want to fill your vase to the brim but you may want to add more water than you usually would when displaying flowers like roses. Change the vase water at least every couple of days to prevent bacteria from taking hold in the vase. Every time you change the vase water, you will also need to add flower food to help your iris bouquet last as long as possible.

When you receive your irises, make sure that you cut the stems at an angle before placing them in the vase. This will ensure that they absorb as much water as possible and therefore last that much longer. When changing the water in the vase, you should also check the stems. If you notice a slippery texture on the base of the stems, this is an indication of bacterial growth. Trim your stems again before placing them in a vase of clean water. It should also go without saying that any lower leaves should be trimmed so that they don’t encourage bacterial growth in the water.

Like any other bouquet, you should make sure that it is kept away from the sun, wind, heaters, and air conditioners. You can expect your flowers to arrive in bud form since this ensures that you get the most out of your bouquet.