Camellia plant and flower facts

When choosing a new plant for your home or even when sending a potted plant as a gift, it’s good to make sure that you learn as much about the plant as possible. The camellia plant is a popular addition in many homes because of its gorgeous blooms and the fact that it has just a few basic requirements. Here are some interesting facts about this plant that you may not know.


The camelia plant is native to Southern and Eastern Asia. Some of the most notable locations where this plant grows include Japan, China, India, Korea and Indonesia. They are small flowering trees or shrubs and they are evergreen. There are approximately 300 species and 3,000 cultivars and hybrids known today.


The camelia plant is part of the Theaceae family which is also known as the tea family. Camellia sinensis is often referred to as the tea plant because it is one of the most common plants to be used to make tea. This variety may not have the most beautiful blooms of all camellias but the leaves are excellent for brewing the most delicious tea.

Size and flowers

Depending on the species of your camellia plant, it might grow up to 6 metres in height. Some types even grow into hedges or topiaries which can make them remarkable additions to any garden. The plant may bloom white, red, pink, yellow, purple or even variegated blooms. Depending on the variety you choose, the plant may produce double or single flowers, blooms that resemble roses or peonies, and so on. The flowers range in size from 1cm to 13cm.

Bloom season

The camellia plant blooms during most of the year. The bloom season begins in autumn and continues throughout the winter and into the spring season. This means that your home will be full of colour even during the coldest of months.


The oldest camellia plant can be found in the Panlong Monastery in China. This bush was planted in 1347. That said, these bushes usually live up to 100 or 200 years.


Camellias are associated with devotion, loveliness and adoration. So, if you want to let somebody special know just how much you care, send them a camellia plant for their birthday, Christmas or even just because!

Remember, you should always place your camellia plant in just the right spot to ensure that it receives enough light during the day and does not get too hot or cold. Water with care and make sure that you do not overdo it or the roots can rot.