Choosing the right accessories to add to your Christmas bouquet

Christmas is one of the busiest times for florists throughout the world and many people either order flowers to brighten up their own homes while others send flowers to family and friends.  Of course, choosing the right flowers and foliage is essential when it comes to giving your bouquet the right theme.  That said, the accessories you add to your bouquet will also make it that much more special and, for Christmas, there are plenty to choose from.

The first thing you need to consider is how you plan on securing your accessories so that they don’t fall between the fresh flowers and greenery or end up in the vase.  Bamboo sticks provide the best solution due to their tough, stiff nature.  All you need to do is attach your accessories to these sticks and then place them in various spots in your bouquet.  Decorations that can be attached to bamboo sticks include tiny Christmas present shaped ornaments, small Santas, bells and pine cones.  Other options also include traditional options like mistletoe and holly.  If you intend on placing your bouquet on a table close to a power outlet, you could add some fairy lights in between.  Do take care that the wires have no contact with the vase water.  It is also best to opt for LED lights because they don’t get hot and they pose less of a risk than regular lights.  Only connect the lights when you are around to keep an eye on them and don’t leave them on overnight or when you’re not home.

Wreaths are also popular around Christmas time and you often see people hang them on their doors and walls in their homes.  Like bouquets, wreaths can also be spruced up eve more by adding accessories.  You can secure these accessories by using floral wire.  It is both tough and you can bend it however you wish in order to hold those accessories in place.  Because floral wire is green, it will blend in nicely and it won’t stand out.  Of course, if you have some other wire, you can cover it with green floral tape and it will do just fine.  Some of the most popular wreath accessories for Christmas include ribbons, pine cones and cinnamon sticks.

If you would rather use only flowers and foliage to fill your vase, you can still add accessories without actually adding them to the bouquet itself.  Vases really help define the theme of an arrangement.  If you don’t already have a Christmas themed vase, you can make your own.  Simply find an old vase that you no longer use.  Now, if you want to cover it but you don’t want it to be a permanent change,you can use Christmas wrapping paper.  Once your flowers have perished, you can remove the paper, wash your vase and store it again.  If you have a clear glass vase, you can spruce it up with something as simple as a festive ribbon.

If you are willing to make some more permanent decorative changes, you can attach some Christmas decorations to an old vase.  Tinsel is a great idea since is it festive and really easy to work with.  You could even print our high quality images like one of Santa making his Christmas Eve rounds in his reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Remember, it’s not all about adding something among your flowers or even to the vase.  You can keep a plate of Christmas cookies and other festive treats beside the bouquet for good measure too!