Impressive flowers for mum-in-law

When you propose to your partner, you will most likely be at least a little nervous. You will choose the perfect spot, the right time and you’ll set the mood with romantic flowers. When it comes to your partner’s parents, it’s a whole different story.

The traditional approach

For those who enjoy traditions or simply wish to show a sign of respect, you will most likely want to ask your partner’s parents for their permission. When doing so, you will need to find a time when you can speak with them alone, of course, and in person.

When you arrive, you want to make the right impression. Yes, you have most likely met them several times before but this time is different. You need to make sure that you impress them with your thoughtfulness and consideration for their feelings.

A fresh flower bouquet for mum is the perfect gift. Consider a mixed bouquet that consists of either pastels or bright colours. When choosing a bouquet, think about the décor in her home and the types of colours that will suit it best. If you know her favourite type of flower, you can have the florist make a bouquet that includes this bloom. If they are in season of course. The most impressive flowers you can give are those that come from the heart.

For dad, a bottle of wine or even whisky if he prefers. Show him that you pay attention to his preferences by selecting a bottle you know he enjoys. By presenting your partner’s parents with a gift, you are displaying respect and affection which are both very important if you want to join the family.


There are also those who might not know the parents before popping the question and that’s fine too. It all depends on your relationship as well as your partner’s relationship with their parents. Many parents today accept the choices of their children and let them enjoy success and failure on their own rather than trying to control everything.

This means that you will most likely meet the parents after your engagement. This is your first meeting which means that you need to make the right impression. Even if they do not dictate your partner’s decisions, they are still an important piece of the family puzzle. Once again, a beautiful bouquet for mum is always a good idea. For dad, you might not know what he enjoys so you can ask your partner for their advice.

Remember, impressive flowers and gifts will help you build a relationship with your future mother and father-in-law. A relationship that can help or hinder your marriage. So, think carefully when picking gifts and keep their preferences in mind at all times.