October seasonal flowers

When choosing the perfect October bouquet, it’s about finding the most beautiful bunch at just the right price. Not all flowers bloom at the same time which means that we have a lovely new variety from which to choose each time the weather changes. Of course many types of flowers are available year round but, when they are in season, they are significantly cheaper. Here are some of the best flowers to choose in October if you’re on a particularly tight budget.

Alstroemeria, or the Peruvian lily, is a freckled flower that comes in several colours. From purple and pink tored, orange, yellow, and even white, it’s easy to find the perfect colour to suit your preferences or those of the intended recipient. In most cases, alstroemeriais not usually displayed on its own but they do make great ocal flowers.

Chrysanthemums are also available in a multitude of colours and they are known for being particularly hardy. Chrysanthemums are also available in various sizes and their many small petals give these flowers superb texture and a full appearance. They bloom from late in the summer and throughout the milder autumn months. A bunch of chrysanthemums looks lovely and quaint in a country style setting. They can also be used as mass flowers in a mixed flower bouquet.

Carnations are known for their ruffled appearance and wide variety of colours. There are even bicolour and striped varieties Like chrysanthemums, carnations can also be displayed on their own or along with other types of flowers. When putting together a carnation bouquet, you can select a single colour or mix several colours together. Alteratively, you can add several caranations to a mixed flower arrangement. In this case, it’s good to stick to carnations of a single colour. For example, you can pair up some pink orange carnations with yellow roses and some white lilies.

Hydrangeas have a wonderfully long bloom season from July to November. These clusters of flowers have a stuning full appearance Not only can they be displayed on their own, but they can also be used as fantastic fillers.

Like hydrangeas, sunflowers also have a long bloom season. They are available from May to November and they are just what every home could use during the less than sunny autumn days. Leave their stems as long as possible and display a bunch of sunflowers in a clear glass vase for an amazing effect. Of course, smaller sunflowers can also be used as mass flowers in mixed bouquets.