Ideas for reusing your vases

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, the florist or the sender sometimes includes a lovely vase. The vase serves its purpose for the following couple of weeks but, once the flowers perish, many of us simply store them and wait for the next bunch of blooms to arrive. Why let your gorgeous vases gather dust when you can put them to better use? Here are some great uses for vases.


If you have any cylindrical-shaped glass vases, you can use them as a candleholder. Enjoy the warm glow of the candle without worrying about burning or the wind extinguishing the flame. If you want to play it extra safe, you can add some sand or another flame resistant substance around the base of the candle to hold it in place.

Candy dish

Small, shallow vases of any colour or shape can always be used as dishes for sweets and chocolates. Taller, transparent vases look amazing when filled with jelly beans of various colours. Of course, you might prefer using wrapped candies so that they aren’t affected by dust.

Display pieces

Some vases are works of art in themselves and they can be displayed all on their own without any kind of filler. If you receive a bouquet of flowers set in a cute vintage car, then the car can be set on a side table or your mantelpiece when not used as a vase.

Other fillers

There are plenty of fantastic fillers for vases that can transform even the most average looking vase into an exceptional decorative item. Sand art is one example of a stylish filler that will compliment any room. You can choose sand in various colours to compliment the other décor in your home. Pour several colours on top of one another to create an eye-catching effect.

At work

If you have an otherwise cluttered desk at work, you can use shorter vases to hold things like pens, pencils, markers, and more! This is great because you can always tip out your supplies if anyone surprises you with a bouquet! You will always have a vase on hand!