Hyacinth plant care advice

If you are planning on buying a hyacinth plant or two and you want it to live long and produce gorgeous blooms, you will need to offer this plant everything it needs. Here are some of the most important care tips to keep in mind.

Bloom cycle

The first thing to remember is that your hyacinth plant will go through stages of dormancy, growth and blooming. They usually produce flowers during the spring season. After this, you can expect them to become dormant and this might seem like they have perished but this is only until the following year.

Making your choice

When selecting your hyacinth plant, it is important that you inspect it thoroughly before you finalise your purchase. If you buy the plant online, you should make sure that the florist offers you some kind of satisfaction guarantee. This will ensure that your plant stands the best chance of thriving.

Perfect pot

Your hyacinth plant will also need to be rooted in the right pot. If you are planting the bulb yourself, you should place it at least 8 inches deep. The pot needs to offer proper drainage so that the bulb does not start to rot at any point.

Soil type

Each type of plant prefers a different type of soil. For your hyacinth, you should opt for sandy soil since the plant will struggling in clay conditions. Sandy soil also offers better drainage.

The right home

Once you have your hyacinth plant, you will need to place the plant in just the right spot. These plants should be kept away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat. The plant enjoys indirect sunlight. Place the plant in a well-lit room but avoid harsh sunlight.

Water needs

Since your hyacinth plant is rooted in sandy soil, you can expect for the soil to dry out faster. It’s important to monitor the soil and, only once it starts to dry out, should you water again. Make sure that you allow the excess water to drain out the bottom of the pot before you place it back on the drip tray.

With all of these useful care tips, you will be able to keep your hyacinth happy and healthy as it blooms and, by properly caring for the bulb once the plant is dormant, you can encourage it to grow and bloom the following year too.