Fresh flowers that will change the feel and mood of your home

Fresh flowers can have an amazing impact on the way your home looks. However, did you know that it can also impact the mood of the room? Depending on the types of blooms you choose and their colours, you can impact the way people feel when they enter each room. Here are some great ideas to consider when decorating this spring.

Warm and welcoming

If you want to make your home appealing to visitors, this means that you should create a warm environment. Warm colours like yellow, orange, red and pink are all fantastic options. You can choose a single colour like a bouquet of yellow sunflowers. Alternatively, you can mix it up with some red, orange and yellow blooms if you prefer a combination. These kinds of fresh flowers are excellent for spaces like your entrance hall, living room and kitchen.

Calm yet moody

If you are not much for cheerful bouquets, you can tone it down a little with something on the cooler side. Lavender roses, blue hyacinths, purple hydrangeas or similar-coloured fresh flowers will certainly achieve this goal. Something like this Serene Beauty arrangement is the perfect example.

Classic beauty and elegance

While modern décor has become increasingly popular, there is something ever so comforting when it comes to that which we know and love. Fresh flowers are no different. Classic arrangements that consist of luxurious roses, lilies or tulips will never go out of style. White and green bouquets will suit any room no matter how it is decorated.

Down to earth

If you want something even more earthy than your average bouquet of fresh flowers, you can always opt for a potted plant. There are plenty of lovely flowering and non-flowering plants from which you can choose. Of course, the non-flowering varieties are best for those who suffer from allergies. If you are not all that comfortable taking care of plants, remember, there are always succulents! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also really easy to please. Plants are excellent for purifying the air and they certainly bring the room to life.

No matter what types of fresh flowers you prefer, you can always find a home for them. Your arrangements need not be large in order to be impressive. They simply need to consist of the right types of blooms as well as the right colours. Smaller spaces can do with a simple bud arrangement. Consider a single, perfect rose in a slender vase for your bathroom. Tall bouquets are best set in corners while shorter ones can be used as centrepieces.