How to care for your Orchids

SO, you have recently purchased the all new Phalaenopsis orchid from Prestige Flowers, or as will like to call it, the Moth Orchid. There are several things you need to know about this marvellous plants. This particular Orchid is very popular in the UK, namely because they are considerably easy to look after, and they are quite probably one of the most stunning looking plants money can buy.

This orchid originates from the wilderness of Asia. It likes a nice cool breeze and are quite sensitive to gases that can be expelled by fruit, especially bananas. We therefore recommend that you keep them away from any fruit bowls and are not recommended for use in the Kitchen as they can be particularly sensitive to cooking fumes.

An interesting fact with this type of orchid is that it takes its food and water through the large leaves, therefore you might want to spray the leaves and not the petals as this could cause dage to them. You will notice that the orchid has very fat green roots. This is because it does not naturally grow from the ground. It actually grows on the trunks and branches of trees, the roosts themselvesĀ  absorb sunlight for its energy which gives them the green colour.

We hope this information we have given will prove useful, if you require any more information we are always happy to help at Flower Press.